Nate Attie

colored pencil and marker on paper
Dimensions variable

Meta.Meta.Morphosis is a self-reflective look at how we have transformed: as individuals, as generations, as humanity, and ultimately as sentient life on this planet.

It is about growing up and how the world around us grows too, weaving in and out of us, as we change each other.

Nate Attie

11" x 11"

The triptych begins in an idealized childhood memory of a child reaching for a caterpillar. This scene represents our construction of the past and idealization of our memories.

Nate Attie

18" x 18"

The second scene embodies the constant chaos of the ever-transforming present. The metaphor of a metamorphosis continues in the form of a cocoon. Inside that fervent chamber, the chrysalis of a butterfly boils itself to a paste, disintegrating all traces of its past form as a caterpillar to reconfigure itself into a butterfly. This process is excruciatingly painful, and is only undergone by some, very resilient caterpillars (the rest remain unchanged). And so this period of our lives too is when we are forged in fire, where we decide what we will become in the face of dangers nature presents.

Nate Attie

34" x 34"

The third scene is a projected future; my generation has progressed, experiencing unprecedented changes in the ways we live, communicate, and ultimately define ourselves. We are different, not entirely the same as that idea of humanity we were born into, we are more connected, to ourselves and to the world. Having undergone significant changes in form and existence, the human repeats his reconciliation with nature, this time through technology.